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Use the Contracts & warranties area to manage:

  • Support agreements
  • Packaged support
  • Warranties

You get these contracts and warranties* from:

  • The HP contracts division
  • An HP-approved third party

Your HPE Passport ID must be linked to each contract or warranty. Each type has a different identifier as described below. You can link up to 20 contracts and warranties at a time interactively, or up to 2500 at a time using the Batch link tool.

Contracts and warranties that cover devices you register for remote support in Insight Online are linked to your HPE Passport ID automatically.

When your HPE Passport ID is linked, you can:

  • Access services and related support (listed here) specific to particular contracts or warranties.
  • Share your contracts and warranties with other users.
  • Track them by a device view in addition to a contract & warranty view.

* In this document, "contracts and warranties" includes support agreements, packaged support, and warranties.

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Use the right identifier: SAID, SAR, Packaged support, Warranty

Be sure to use the right identifier when entering contract information:

Contract type Use this identifier Description Example
Support agreement Service Agreement

A unique 12-digit numeric sequence.

Provided with your support documentation.

Support agreement Support Account
Reference (SAR)

A combination of numbers and letters, with no special characters.

Case sensitive.

Provided with your support documentation.

Also referred to as a system handle.

Note: You need an SAID and an SAR to link a support agreement.

Packaged support Packaged support

A combination of numbers and capital letters, with no special characters.

Provided with your support documentation.


To link to a contract or warranty, you need your HPE Passport ID and the following information:

Contract or warranty type Identifier Required additional information
Support agreement SAID SAR
Packaged support Packaged support ID Packaged support product ID *, country of purchase
Warranty Warranty serial number Warranty product number *, country of purchase

* The product ID(s) of the products covered by the packaged support or warranty.

The table below lists the location of the required information:

Required information Where to find
Packaged support ID B, C
Warranty serial number A, B, D
Packaged support product ID B, D
Warranty product number A, B
  1. On the product itself.
  2. On the support documentation.
  3. At the HP Electronic Support Contract Assistant website.
  4. On the customer cover letter that describes the contract or warranty.

When creating a link, select an ownership type:

  • Single
  • Multiple

Owners can:

  • Create contract and warranty shares (though in the case of multiple owners, there is no need to).
  • Transfer ownership.
  • Change the nickname.
  • Change the ownership type.

You do not need to be an owner to have access to the features provided by a contract or warranty. As a member of a user group associated with a contract and warranty share or a device group, you have access to features that were associated with the user group by the share or device group admin. See Manage contract & warranty shares.

Link support agreements

Link to a support agreement to access feature services such as:

  • Specific agreements for Service Credits
  • Software updates and licenses
  • Patch management
  • Diagnostic passwords
  • Certain technical documents

Enter the following information in Enter linking information:

  • SAID
  • SAR
  • Ownership type (single or multiple)

Click Submit.

If an error appears stating the support agreement is already linked to someone else, contact that owner to get access. This may be the result of the owner selecting single ownership.

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Link packaged support

Enter the following information in Enter linking information:

  • Packaged support ID.
  • The product of the product covered by the packaged support.
  • Country in which you purchased the packaged support (select from the drop-down menu).
  • Nickname. Provide a name that has meaning to you.
  • Ownership type (single or multiple).

If an error appears stating the support agreement is already linked to someone else, contact that owner to get access. This may be the result of the owner selecting single ownership.

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Link warranties

Enter the following information in Enter linking information:

  • Warranty serial number.
  • Product number of the product covered by the warranty. This is typically near the serial number.
  • Country in which you purchased the product (select from the drop-down menu).
  • Nickname. Provide a name that has meaning to you.
  • Ownership type (single or multiple).

If an error appears stating the support agreement is already linked to someone else, contact that owner to get access. This may be the result of the owner selecting single ownership.

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Batch link tool

The Batch link tool allows you to link up to 2500 contracts and warranties to your HPE Passport ID in a single operation. From the main Contracts and warranties page, click Batch link tool either in the Actions dropdown menu or on the page itself.

Follow the steps listed on the upload page:

  • Download the latest Microsoft Excel template file from the link in Step 1. The format of the template name is "name-date_version", where the date is represented as YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Read the detailed instructions in the Readme sheet of the template.
  • Enter information, one contract or warranty per line, according to the titles at the top of each column. Enter a maximum of 2500 lines, for each instance of the template you create. Note that some of the fields are optional.
  • Do a "Save as", to comma-separated value (CSV) format. (Select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) option only from "Save as type" in Excel.) The result is a plain text file containing the entries from the spreadsheet, with each field on each line separated by a comma.
  • Optionally, update your user name and e-mail display option. Select "Yes" to allow other users to see your user name and email address when they view these contracts and warranties, or select "No" to keep this information private.
  • Check the boxes to verify that you have selected the most recent template, and that you have a CSV file.
  • Navigate to the CSV file on your local computer, then click Upload.

CSV file requirements and limits

The file name must have an extension of .csv. File maximums:

  • Name length: 50 characters
  • Size: 5 MB
  • Number of lines: 2500

After you upload the CSV file, a popup window appears. Click the Close button. An initial file check occurs verifying that the file size is within limits and has the correct file extension. If this file check succeeds, the batch upload summary page displays. The batch upload summary page lists the upload date and status, and a link to a report file, for each CSV file you have uploaded. Click a report file link to view the report, which contains details about the upload. You can also save the report file. The default sort for the list is by date. Click the Status or Report file headings to sort by those fields instead. Status values for each uploaded batch file in the list are as follows:

  • Completed.
  • Completed with errors. See the report file for details.
  • Invalid file format. The file was not recognized as a valid CSV file.
  • File exceeds limit. The file was longer than 2500 lines or greater than 5 MB.
  • Pending. Files that have been received and have not completed processing. A maximum of two uploads can be pending.
  • System error. The file itself may be fine. Try uploading again later.

Normally you export from the downloaded template and "save as", and do not need to edit or even look at the CSV file. There may be cases however, such as if an invalid file format error occurs and you suspect that the file may be corrupt, where it is useful to inspect the file.

Each field in the CSV file must contain a value unless otherwise indicated below. The CSV fields in order are as follows:

  1. One of:
    • SAID
    • Packaged support ID
    • Warranty serial number
  2. The product ID of the product covered by the packaged support or by the warranty, if the obligation type is packaged support or Warranty.
  3. SAR, if the obligation type is Support Agreement.
  4. Obligation Type. One of:
    • Support Agreement
    • Packaged support
    • Warranty
  5. Country, if the obligation type is packaged support or warranty.
  6. Ownership Model: Multiple or Single.
  7. Nickname. Optional. You can add a nickname for packaged support or warranty. SAIDs have predefined nicknames, added at the time of signing the contract.

The following is a valid sample line for a warranty, from a CSV file. In this example, double commas surround an empty optional field. The third field, SAR, is empty because a warranty does not need an SAR:


Each line should contain at least six commas. Additional commas at the end of the line, which may occur if any text, even a space, was in the seventh column of the template file you exported from, are ignored.

Report files list the processing result of each line including entries that were not able to be processed, typically for the following reasons:

  • A support agreement was inactive or was in single ownership mode.
  • A warranty was inactive or was migrated to an Uplifted packaged support.
  • Packaged support was inactive, was in single ownership mode, or was uplifted to a Support Agreement.

You should address these cases individually, by reactivating or by changing the ownership mode to multiple. Once you have done so you can then resubmit a file containing these entries for batch processing, or depending on their number, simply link them interactively.

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View my contracts & warranties

Lists the contracts and warranties you own, either as a single or multiple owner, or which are shared with you. Use the "View" dropdown to filter by active, expired, expired within 30 days, expiring within 31 days to 1 year. Use the "Ownership type" to filter by single, multiple or all. Use "Search by" to find an SAID, SAR, serial number or product number.

You can also view your contracts and warranties by device from the Devices feature (accessible from the main My IT dropdown). To get a complete view of all contracts and warranties in this display, they all must be shared or linked.

To see a list of users linked to the contract or warranty, click on the individual ID, then the Users tab. For single-owner contracts and warranties, you can see all users within a share that includes this specific item. For multiple-owner contracts & warranties, you can see who the other owners are, if they have opted in.

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Edit my contracts & warranties

Change the nickname and ownership type from this page. Use "Search by" to find an SAID, SAR, serial number or product number. Use the "View" and "Ownership type" dropdowns to filter the display.

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Manage contract & warranty shares

In Manage contract & warranty shares, share names preceded by a red asterisk are derived. Derived shares are created automatically to contain contracts and warranties associated with a device group of the same name. You cannot edit these directly, but you can view their details.

You can organize contracts and warranties into logical groups by creating contract and warranty shares. To create a new share:

  1. Name the share. Provide a description. Add contracts and warranties.
  2. Select one or more existing user groups or create new ones.
  3. Assign roles and feature services (listed below) to the selected user groups. Assign the admin role to the first user group.
  4. Confirm and submit.

You must assign the first user group you add in Step 3 the role of share admin, because at least one user group must have that role. Select the "Contract and warranty share administrator" checkbox. You can change this later, as long as one user group has the admin role.

You can assign the following roles and feature services to a group you associate with the share:

  • Contract and warranty share admin or member
  • Service Credits admin or member
  • Patch management
  • Software updates and licensing

You can assign different roles to different user groups.

To add user groups with the role of share member, you do not need to check any boxes in Step 3, since the member share role is selected by default.

Note: User group roles are not the same as share roles. If you create a user group to assign to the share you are making, the admins you assign to the user group do not automatically become administrators of the share. When creating a share, when you select a user group and assign share roles to it, those share roles apply to all users in the user group equally. You are assigning share roles to the group as a whole--it does not matter whether any given user is an administrator or a member of the user group itself.

In the table below for example, two user groups are created, one for share admins and one for share members. Note that Francis Lee, though a member of the user group, becomes an admin of the share. Similarly Pradesh Jones and Akiko Yamada, though admins of the user group, become members of the share:

User groups and users Role in user group Assign this share role
to the user group (Step 3)
The user group will have
this share role
"Paris contract share admins"
- Marie Curie admin admin admin
- Francis Lee member admin
"Paris contract share members"
- Pradesh Jones admin member member
- Akiko Yamada admin member

If you want everyone in the user group to have admin role for the share, you only need one user group.

The table below lists the differences between a share admin and a share member.

Task Share admin Share member
Can add to and remove contracts from the share
Can delete the share
Can view contracts in the share
Can add and remove user groups associated with the share
Can change the roles of the user groups associated with the share
Can view admins of the share
Can view members of the share

Though it is not a necessary step in creating a contract and warranty share, if you need to edit associated user groups you can do so before, during, or after the process of creating the share:

  1. Select Manage user groups from the Contract & warranties menu. User groups that you are an admin of will be listed.
  2. Click on Edit user group in the actions menu of the specific user group, at the far right.

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Transfer ownership

The result of the this action depends on the ownership type:

Ownership type Result
Single You transfer ownership to a different user with a valid HPE Passport ID, by entering that user's email address.
Your account is unlinked from the contract or warranty. The contract or warranty will be removed from any share you own.
Multiple You replace your link to the contract or warranty with a link to another user's account.
Links to the contract or warranty from other users are not affected.

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Unlink contracts and warranties

Unlink single or multiple items at one time by checking the box below the "Unlink" column and submitting.

If a contract or warranty you are linked to with single ownership is also part of a share, consider transferring ownership before unlinking it from your account. If you do not, the share will be removed as well, and those users will lose their access to the services provided by that contract or warranty.

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Entitled access to HPE support materials

An entitlement is a warranty, packaged support or support agreement. For certain HPE Support Center features, you must have an entitlement privilege for a specific product to access its downloads, knowledge and tools. You gain this product entitlement privilege in two ways:

  • You have linked your HPE Passport account to a warranty, packaged support, or support agreement that covers the product.
  • Another user has linked his or her HPE Passport account to a warranty, packaged support, or support agreement that covers the product, and has created a contract and warranty share that includes you as a member.

See More Information on Access to HPE Support Materials for details.

This product entitlement privilege extends to HPE patches. See My Patch Privileges to review and understand which product entitlements are associated with your HPE Passport account.

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